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Reviews of "the glass puzzle" ~


"...the nonstop adventures and fantastical setting should keep readers entertained."

reviews of "the scorpions of zahir" ~


"Indiana Jones-style action and supernatural danger keep the pages turning, and detailed line drawings ably capture quirky character traits and desert beauty..."

school library journal:

"Eleven-year-old Zagora Pym is the feisty heroine of this colorful, fast-paced adventure set in Morocco ... Brodien-Jones does a beautiful job of weaving an engaging story of intrigue, myth, and adventure. Her characters seem to jump off the pages and stay with readers long after the story ends, as their transformative journey becomes ours. ... A must-have read."


"This is truly a ripping yarn, filled with adventure like the desert is filled with grains of sand...and there are indeed times when it recalls classic adventure tales with youth appeal, such as Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island'."


"Brodien-Jones mixes fantasy and adventure in a way that would make Indiana Jones feel right at home. Plucky Zagora, her absentminded father, and her often lazy brother are all changed by their journey, each finding out something unexpected about one another, the people they meet, and themselves."

kirkus REVIEWS:

"Combine a complicated…premise involving the link between a mysterious planet and a half-buried desert city, giant scorpions with the power to communicate, and an eccentric cast of characters, and you've got a wild ride indeed…(A) fast-paced, suspenseful plot.”

e & k family book review:

"This gripping story about a small family of explorers in the Sahara desert is breath taking. The tale is so well written it could produce mystical scenes in my imagination. Zagora sounds like a dazzling hero ready for adventure... At some points this book got a little scary but that didn't stop me from racing through the pages. Every time I started reading, I found myself instantly in Zagora's world. I loved this novel!"

reviews of "the owl keeper" ~

review: Children's Literature

"This story is a dark but fascinating read." - Naomi Butler

review: Novel and Nouveau

"I was sold on this book by the cover alone, but what's inside is just as wonderful. The Owl Keeper is dark and mysterious but I love the way it keeps hope tucked in a back pocket. That combination makes this book truly magical...A fantastical world where a boy, a girl, and an owl fight to make right what has been wrong for so long." - Barbara Watson

review: the Stratford Gazette

"Full of mystery, intrigue and danger, and with a likeable, “underdog” hero and a satisfying ending, this fantasy novel is a winner, for both boys and girls." - Sally Hengeveld


"This wonderful new middle-grade author has produced a fantastical story that not only offers a magical realm, but also teaches some amazing life lessons...There are so many intricate story lines in this book that the reader is completely engaged. The descriptive phrases of Max’s world—not to mention the extremely unique and entertaining characters—made this a fantastic read. I love it when a new author comes into being, especially one who absolutely knows what they’re doing, and introduces readers to a whole new glorious world." - Amy Lignor

review: read this book!

Christine Brodien-Jones pulls off middle grade dystopian very well and do not underestimate it just because it’s suitable for middle graders. The world-building was amazing and the writing was stunning. A must-read!

review: a good addiction

"Though owls have shown up in books before, they play a different role in this book and the entire interaction and connection throughout keeps the reader involved...With stunning takes and variations on elements present in modern times, strong and well crafted writing, and a young but fantastically developed main character, Brodien-Jones has made an amazing addition to the dystopian genre." - Kari Olson

review: beyond books

“I have to say this book gave me the shivers more than once. I am not good with this type of scenario, but I was able to keep my creeped out factor to a minimum as I was so enthralled in the building relationship between Max and Rose and their quest to find the Owl Keeper and escape the Echelon. The little silver owl won my heart quickly as well…This brilliant debut novel is a must-read.” - Cat

review: wise owl book review

"This is an eerie and ominous world...The Owl Keeper is the story of an inexperienced boy who learns that by standing up to challenges and defeating adversaries one becomes more courageous, maybe even heroic. There is wonderful and vivid imagery on every page and your attention is held throughout. Highly Recommend." - Eileen

review: teensreadtoo

“Brodien-Jones writes an intriguing science fiction story about magic owls and ancient prophecies. Max and Rose take the reader on a thrilling adventure through their magical yet ruthless world. Any reader ready for a wild ride will enjoy this enchanting story.” - Steph


"...battle action-packed a la Brian Jacques' REDWALL series, inspiring adventure lovers to hold tight to their saddles across this new terrain. Hoo-hoo boy, this one's also an owly older-kid follow-up to Kathryn Lasky's terrific animal fantasy series, GUARDIANS of GA'HOOLE. Okay, it's a keeper." - Esme Raji Codell

review: an abundance of books

"Brodien-Jones has crafted a beautiful, exciting, action-filled story perfect for middle graders. I couldn't put it down; I had to keep reading to see what was going to happen to Max next. Middle grade boys will love the pacing and excitement of this book and want to keep turning the page. Max, Rose, and all the other main characters are all delightfully quricky and interesting. I loved Max and Rose right from the beginning. Even the villain's are more than just 'bad guys.' They're odd and quirky too." -Sarah S.

review: reader's corner

"When I saw the book trailer for "The Owl Keeper", I thought it was so well done, and set such a mood, that I just knew I had to read the book. Christine Brodien-Jones...writes on a huge Shaker desk littered with carved wooden owls. It no doubt helped her set the mood for this lovely story that drew me in from the first page with its mix of action, mystery, and fantasy. The charming illustrations by Maggie Kneen added just the right touch of whimsy.
You will find yourself solidly on the side of the spunky Rose and cheering Maxwell on as the secrets of his world are exposed one by one and his character grows and develops over the course of the story. With two strong lead characters, this book will appeal to both guys and girls, and many an adult will be won over as well, just as they were with the Harry Potter books." - Glenda

Review: "DogEared" on National Geographic Kids

"This book was a refreshing break from the monotone of other science fiction and fantasy novels on the shelves. For once, I didn't find myself groaning once a vampire or werewolf was introduced. In fact, I couldn't put it down until I was done. Along with providing an enticing storyline, the novel had deeper meaning to it as well--kind of like The Giver." - Mairen

Review: The Lovely Reader

"The book cover itself draws attention, but inside the book, each chapter opens with an illustration, and despite that the book takes place years in the future, feels as though it is something of a fable...The author does a wonderful job with crafting a mindwashed world reminiscent of Orwell's 1984...THE OWL KEEPER is fit for multiple ages, middle school and high school, and was a great story of adventure." - Jessica

review: mundie kids

"Get ready to be swept away into an amazing world where nothing is what it seems, and as the darkness is taking over the world, the hope of many rests on two eleven and twelve year olds...The Owl Keeper is one of those books that keeps you guessing at who's the bad guy and what's really happening, until you learn the truth. It's full of adventure and wonderful characters set in a fascinating, not so distant time. With the destruction of the world, and all the wonderful things it holds, Max and Rose are the last hope..." - Mundie Moms

review: Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"The post-apocalyptic setting is nicely done here, with hints that this is indeed our world gone horribly wrong: terrifying genetic mutants, eerily similar to familiar animals, haunt the night, a global climate disaster has made the season eternally winter, and an all-controlling government threatens to take over people's minds...Animal lovers and budding environmentalists...may enjoy Max's relationship with his owl." - Kate Quealy-Gainer

Review: The Neverending Shelf

"Christine Brodien-Jones carefully mixes in hints of dystopian, mystery, adventure, and fantasy to create hands down the best novel aimed at younger teens that I have read since the Harry Potter series...From the amazing depth of her characters to the non-stop action, this novel was a blast...The action and adventure in this novel will be sure to captivate and inspire anyone's imagination." (The Neverending Shelf's Book of the Month) - Kate Bourne


"Set within a world destroyed by evil, THE OWL KEEPER has all the mystery, legend, and adventure to keep kids entertained, while themes of courage, finding inner strength and the importance of friendship will appeal to parents and educators alike."

review: kids book korner

"This book grabbed me from the beginning, and I became so wrapped up in the emotions of the characters that I couldn't put it down. It did remind me a bit of 'The Hunger Games' in the sense that the people are being repressed by a controlling government...Overall, it was a very original story idea from a gifted author." - Rose

review: Kids' Home Library

"A magical new novel for ages 10 and up...Set within a world nearly destroyed by evil, THE OWL KEEPER is highly entertaining and adventurous. It has invaluable themes of finding inner strength, taking care of animals and the importance of friendship." - Lee Littlewood

Review: Reader Girls

"The author has created a dark, futuristic tale of a society where everyone has to think alike and those who question or rebel are punished...This is a highly spirited tale, very creative with strange creatures and the beauty of the delicate owls who hold the power to protect those who inhabit the lands of Silvern with their OwlSong. We anticipate loving the next installment in this series as well." - Meghan, Caity and Laurie

review: searching for a good read?

"The Owl Keeper made me shiver. It was a spooky dystopian adventure with imaginative fantasy elements throughout. Max, the reluctant protagonist, was easy to like, and his spunky best friend, Rose, was a perfect sidekick who pushed Max to do things he wouldn't have done on his own. Brodien-Jones' bad guys were gruesome and scary, and I found myself holding my breath more than once." - B.J. Anderson

review: library lounge lizard

"Such a great book! An action packed dystopian story filled with creepy characters that will give you the jeepers...I'm hoping there is a sequel!" - Darcy Wishard

review: book crazy

"Christine is a masterful storyteller...The Owl Keeper, is action-packed, full of dangerous poisoned wolves and flying demons which have no fear—not to mention the government whose trying to control everyone, and mostly succeeding...This is one of those books I would give to a reluctant pre-teen boy: with the action and mayhem it's likely to be a hit with them, much like the beloved Harry Potter series." - Jenn

review: wicked awesome books

"The Owl Keeper is an exquisite story of the hope that children can cling to...The world of The Owl Keeper is expertly crafted with so many interesting creatures and places. Christine Brodien-Jones has created an entirely new world with mythological creature and prophecies. It is absolutely absorbing and a refreshing dystopian novel." - Nikki

review: manic maniac cafe

"The Owl Keeper offers an adrenaline inducing journey through a bleak and dangerous future that has almost been destroyed by the iron-clad control of an oppressive government. Only two children find the courage to fight against the dark forces that oppose them as they search for the one thing that can save them – hope." - Julie

review: cleverly inked

"Adventure of all adventures...I couldn't help but feel like big brother is watching you. I am in love with Christine's writing style. It was just right in every way. Max was a character who shined, so brave and courageous...I think anyone of any age would enjoy this, especially those who enjoyed The Giver and who can handle a world of adventure!" - Liz

Review: Typing With My Toes

"I’m especially excited because this story is so original. I don’t feel like I’ve read a book quite like it...dystopia mixed with fantasy and magic — not something I’ve encountered yet. I recommend it — 100%." - Karen Krueger

Review: Book Trends

"This book absolutely amazes me! It is probably the best book I have ever read! The emotions that swirl around in this book are more than I could count! Anger, hope, perseverance, fear, rage, and cocky are just a few of them. These emotions are so well described in the book that you can feel them inside of you....All in all this was a really fantastic book. With its wonderful details and vivid descriptions, this book deserves 4 and ½ stars. When I saw this book, I knew it would be a book that would be cherished by me for a long time. I hope that once you read this book you will love it too." - Sarah (6th grader)

review: the post and courier

"For kids who liked 'The Maze Runner' and 'The Hunger Games,' this book may appeal." - Fran Hawk

review: red house books

"Max is such a lovable character. His world is a mix of the chaos of society turned upside down and the simplicity of peace he finds when he is alone with his magical silver owl. I think the main reason I loved this one so much was that it was unpredictable. I really couldn't say what would happen next, but I was never disappointed...I'm recommending this one to everyone. Fantasy, dystopian, magic fans and everyone else up down and in between." - WilowRaven